A Central European Dream


Why do people travel? That’s easy. People love seeing new places, learning about new cultures and their people, and maybe the biggest of all, experiencing the historical influences of destinations. If these are your motives for traveling, then a luxurious aviation tour of Central Europe will satisfy every dream you have ever had. This real-life dream will expose you to anything and everything from a flight over the Central Alps, Southern Bohemia, the Danube River, the charming streets­ of Salzburg, and enchanting aspects of Innsbruck, Austria surrounded with endless greenery. Trust me when I tell you, you won’t want to wake up from this dream.

As the dream unfolds, you will be completely astounded by the scenery in each country that you will fly over and yet even more by the historical influences you will feel when walking the streets.

Let us begin.

You will depart from the fairytale city of Prague and head south, flying over the Central Alps to visit some of the most quintessential cities that lie on the border of Germany and Austria. The flight starts off by flying over the most beautiful Czech historical castles in the south of Bohemia. Quickly followed is the lush valleys of the Vltava river and the broad-shouldered Sumava mountain range. Lastly, crossing over the mighty Danube river will lead you to your first descent into Salzburg, Austria.


It wouldn’t be a Central European trip without tasting the charms of Salzburg. A city that preserves its historic atmosphere as if there were no 250-year gap between now and the times of Mozart. Picture walking on the same cobblestone and turning the same corners as Mozart once did many years ago.

You are probably now thinking, “Wow I want to know and see more of Salzburg.” Well lucky for you, Salzburg has so much to offer. Take in the abundance of historical architecture of all ages (Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque), shop up and down Getreidegasse street, and relax while listening to music in the park or a cafe.


Salzburg is a dream in itself, but hold on tight because the dream is only halfway through. The next flight will take you to Innsbruck – the capital of the westernmost part of Austria, Tyrol. Prior to the arrival in Innsbruck, you will follow the wild maze of the mountains, valleys and lakes of the Central Alps. Looking out of the window to your left and right, you will see the Berchtesgaden National Park and its spectacular alpine ski towns. Amazed by the countryside of Innsbruck, our descent into this majestic town will encapsulate you entirely.

No matter your interests, Innsbruck has something for everyone. Whether that be tasting some of the most heavenly cheeses from the Tyrolean cuisine, exploring Innsbruck’s eleven museums and twenty-nice churches, or taking a short 30-minute trip to crystal heaven, Swarovski.


For some of you, the quaint, charming and historical qualities of Salzburg and Innsbruck may be enough, but for some of you, you may want to live life a little more on the edge. You can do so by extending your real-life dream to visit Zell am See. Here you can enjoy skiing the Kitzsteinhorn glacier followed by some après-ski. Or you can sit, relax and enjoy a soak in the sauna while reminiscing on how amazing this trip to Central Europe was.