A Trip To Moonland - Most, Czech Republic


Many thoughts of the Czech Republic are immediately directed toward the capital of Prague, the beautiful countryside, the romantic feel of the cities, and castles of all shapes and sizes. But, many are shocked when they hear about a well-known TV series directed and filmed in the Czech Republic breaking through the noise and attracting many viewers. Most! is a TV series based on the unique physical and social aspects that the literal area Most, Czech Republic has to offer.

The town of Most is situated in Northern Czech Republic and home to very controversial opinions, in regards to the history of its land. What once used to be a royal town known for its both cultural and allegorical monuments was turned into a coal mining town. Some group of individuals discovered that there was a whole other world underneath the existing Most, one that would come to be a long lasting coal mining town.

This change in both the cultural and physical aspects of Most granted it the name of moonland. Moonland resembles the deserted nature that resulted upon the manifestation of coal mining in the town.

This was both devastating to some individuals who had loved the elegance, history, and comforting home qualities of the original Most, while for some it was an exciting change that would potentially offer monetary incentives.

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Many are aware of this combative tension between preserving the royal historical qualities of Most or embracing the coal harvesting aspects. Those who wish to know more will be pleased with the TV series, Most!. It accurately and humorously depicts what the land of Most, Czech Republic looks like along with how society has evolved from this change.

Now that you are reaffirmed of your love for Most, Czech Republic and the TV Series Most!, or if you have just become very interested in wanting to know more about the town itself, imagine experiencing it from a bird's eye perspective.  

On a few hour journey, a flight that departs from Prague will head north to Most, Czech Republic. On your way you will experience the breathtaking views of Czech Republic and quickly arrive to the scene, Most. The land of Most, Czech Republic will immediately put you into a scene from the TV series. Looking through the window of the plane on the left and right side, you will see the lushes green meadows and rolling hills alongside the industrial coal mining that took over the city.

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It’s not everyday that you get to experience scenes from a TV series in real life and in a town that actually does exist, not just somewhere on the set of an industrial park. And what better way to do embark on this travel, then by flying. Air travel is more than just a fast mode of transportation, but it turns the experience into something much more than the basic transportation aspect. You will be able to see more things when leaving Prague, when flying from Central Czech Republic to Northern Czech Republic, and of course upon arrival at the long awaited destination of Most, Czech Republic. Here, the flight will show you everything that you have heard about, read about, and much more.