Prague Escapes: Bohemia from the Skies

Make the most of your trip to Prague!

Explore the heart of Europe from the sky.

Air Safari offers a wide variety of short flying trips all around the country - and beyond.


Now you understand why Prague attracts tourists from around the world. Since you have already become a pro on Prague, why not spend a couple hours flying above the beautiful bohemian countryside. With AirSafari, in the blink of an eye, you can marvel at the spectacular views of the picturesque landscape, hundreds of castles around the country including some of the oldest and most famous ones in the world such as Karlštejn, Trosky, Orlík, Zvíkov or Hluboká from above. Fly over curves and deep valleys of the mythical river Vltava, circle the spectacular and architectural wonder Ještěd Tower. Witness the variety of the Czech landscape ranging from charming baroque villages with small churches, ponds and yards to zigzagging rivers with man-made dams to deep forests.


We have more! After exploring Bohemia from the air, why not to devote an afternoon, full day or an overnight visit to some of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Central Europe, immerse into the adventurous flyover of the Alps, relax by the mountain lake, pamper yourself in a local spa and get back to the alluring beauty of Prague in no time.

What a treat to discover these magnificent places from a bird's-eye perspective, in the company of your private pilot, alone with your family, friends - or complete strangers - sharing the same adventurous spirit

With us, all this is possible. Join us on board and let your mind wander.


Karlštejn Castle

Discover the spectacular medieval castle in the vicinity of Prague. Take a short break from the rush of the city and let us take you, your friends or family to see this majestic jewel among the Czech castles. The view from above is stunning, nothing short of a fairy-tale kind of perfection. An affordable experience to spice up your stay in Prague.

Estimated price

250 EUR / 7.000 CZK, 1-3 people

460 EUR / 12.000 CZK, 2-5 people

30 min flight


Castles on Vltava River

Follow the backbone of the beautiful Czech landscape with us - the Vltava River in its most spectacular before it enters Prague. First, you will see castle Dobříš which served for many years as an “ivory tower” for prominent writers. Then we will approach the Vltava River right above a series of dams which protect Prague from being flooded. You will see Orlik Castle, owned by members of the Schwarzenberg noble family, picturesque Zvíkov Castle on the confluence with the “golden” Otava River and a taste of the typical South Bohemian countryside full of small ponds and forests.

Estimated price

350 EUR / 9.000 CZK, 1-3 people

580 EUR / 15.000 CZK, 2-5 people

45 min flight


Border Mountains and Ještěd Tower

Experience flying over the highest mountains in Czechia - Krkonoše, castles of Malá Skála and Trosky and see the award-winning architecture of the Ještěd Tower from above. The unique experience of seeing high parts of the country is usually an impossibility for tourists. A gourmet stop-over in the renown airport restaurant in Mlada Boleslav is optional but highly recommended.

estimated price

400 EUR / 10.000 CZK, 1-3 people

700 EUR / 18.000 CZK, 2-5 people

60 min flight


Around bohemia in Half a Day

Imagine you can get the best of Bohemia in half a day through a full basket of attractions. We start with medieval Karlštejn Castle, follow the river Vltava through its meanders, fly-over the castles of Dobříš, Orlík, Zvíkov, Hluboká and Český Krumlov. Spot picturesque ponds spread around the countryside and the Lipno dam, surrounded by deep forests of South Bohemia. Have a light lunch during a stopover in České Budějovice and walk through its scenic town centre. We will continue towards Kutná Hora, the medieval treasure of Bohemia, and fly around the mountain range of Krkonoše, Trosky and Malá Skála castles. After rounding the spectacular summit of Ještěd we will head back to Prague.

estimated price

1.100 EUR / 29.000 CZK, 1-3 people

1.400 EUR / 39.000 CZK, 2-5 people

3,5 hrs round trip, with a stop-over



Enjoy an afternoon or evening walking through the magic promenade of the world-famous spa town of Karlovy Vary. Within less than an hour from Prague you can reach its comfortable international airport and within minutes you find yourself surrounded by colourful bourgeois houses of Carlsbad’s downtown. Walk the same streets as Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Franz Kafka, emperors of Austria and Russia and other famous personalities of European history who were coming to relax and repose in one of the many spa hotels. Visit Moser Glass museum, take a tour through traditional glassworks, one-of-its-kind in the region. Discover the picturesque town tightly situated in the tiny valley of the river Teplá surrounded by beautiful green hills and if you have time, a historic cable car will take you to the top of it. Do not forget to buy the delicious Spa Wafers of any flavour you can imagine. For your return flight, you are allowed and even encouraged to carry the famous herbal liqueur Becherovka with you on board!

Estimated price

900 EUR / 24.000 CZK, 1-3 people

1.200 EUR / 29.000 CZK,  2-5 people

2 hrs round trip with a stopover


Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov deserves its fame. This UNESCO heritage site, where gothic architecture meets the renaissance and the baroque, where the deep southern forests give reluctantly to civilization where the meandering Vltava river is at its prettiest is too far from Prague for a comfortable one-day destination.

Oh, wait! Not with Air Safari. In a little more than one hour of flying over the lower Vltava river and its large dams and beautiful castles, we will overfly this famous historical gem and arrive in České Budějovice, just a stone throw away from Český Krumlov. For the rest of the day, you will enjoy the Krumlov castle, its park, an immense variety of galleries, museums, nobility houses, local cafés, breweries, restaurants, and bars. Český Krumlov is magical, especially in the winter season when the tourists are sparse and the Christmas market radiates its warm welcome. And you will still get back to Prague for that favourite dinner place of yours.

estimated price

950 EUR / 25,000 CZK, 1-3 people

1.400 EUR / 36.000 CZK, 2-5 people

2,5 hrs round trip, with a stopover



You might have never heard of the second largest city in the Czech Republic and now is the right time to change that. In 2016, Brno made it among the worlds’ best places to visit according to the New York Times, and rightfully so. Brno will touch you with its unhurried charm, a unique mix of architectural styles, large parks, a castle high above the city or the progressivist art scene and quickly growing local food and drink culture. Add the youthful spirit of the city where every fifth person on the street is a student of one of the many universities, and you have a mix that makes Brno a new must on a trip to the Czech Republic. With an airplane, Brno is certainly worth visiting for a day or two - and we can take you there, avoiding all the infamous hustle of ground transportation.

estimated price

700 EUR / 18.000 CZK, 1-3 people

1.300 EUR / 34.000 CZK, 2-5 people

1,5 hr round trip, with a stop-over


Dresden and Cracow

Winter wonderland - Christmas markets

Cracow and Dresden - two of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world. Provide the best Christmas experience in the heart of Europe.

After a 30-minute flight over the beautiful Czech border mountains, you will find yourself in Dresden. If you like Christmas and great variety, you’ll adore Dresden. Eleven completely different Christmas markets, from the Medieval times to the après ski charm of alpine huts, present alluringly conflicting choices to make. Holiday sounds fill the air throughout the city. From the many oratorios, Advent, organ and gospel concerts, Dresden’s churches brim with festive insider tips. Christmas tales also come to life in the city’s theatres whilst museums host special exhibitions and boats bejeweled with lights glide along the Elbe.

In the evening - or the next morning, your choice, we will take you to Cracow, one of the top 17 markets in the world in 2018 according to CNN (together with Prague, of course). The Christmas Market is located right in the middle of Cracow’s Old Town, next to the majestic Renaissance Cloth Hall and the towering St. Mary’s Basilica. The Christmas Market is a traditional affair, and it blends in perfectly with the maze of medieval streets that make up Cracow’s Old Town. In the past, local traders would set up their Christmas stalls to sell Christmas trees, decorations, and ingredients for traditional Polish dishes that are served on Christmas Eve. Today, the Christmas market in Cracow provides a huge variety of goods to buyers that extend way beyond Christmas decorations. Each year, the beautifully laid out wooden structure of Christmas stalls occupies the centre of the Main Market Square to bring to all its visitors, be it, adults or children. You won’t be disappointed with the wide choice of delicious treats available all over the market. Visitors can try Polish dumplings, special sausages carefully selected smoked hams and local varieties of cheese such as oscypek made from sheep milk.

estimated price

2.100 EUR / 56.000 CZK, 1-3 people

2.700 EUR / 72.000 CZK, 2-5 people

4 hrs round trip, with a night stop-over


Zell am See and Salzburg

The magic of the Winter Alps

How about spicing up your European Christmas experience with some bigger flying? Let your head spin when flying around, among and above the magnificent snow capped mountain tops of the Alps. Flying South from Prague will take us over some of the most beautiful historical Czech castles and mountain ranges. After that we will immerse into a wild maze of mountains and valleys of the Central Alps. You will experience a low overfly of the Dachstein glacier and do a scenic fly-by of the highest peak of the Austrian Alps - Grossglockner. After landing at the valley airport of Zell am See, you can either tough up and go skiing to the Kitzsteinhorn glacier or you can just sit, relax and enjoy your dry Martini on the coast of the lake, enjoy the pools, saunas, steam rooms and wellness in one of the renowned spas.

Only about a twenty minute flight from Zell am See lies Salzburg. It is not only a city of Mozart, but also of burgeoning arts scenes, wonderful food, manicured parks, quiet side streets and concert halls that uphold musical tradition 365 days a year. You will also find Christmas markets placed right outside many historic buildings. You can enjoy the markets, as you view the historical buildings, because when these two come together, they offer a completely magical experience. You can easily stroll by them while taking in the history and all the Christmas spirit. The oldest market is called Christkindlmarkt. The origins of this famous Salzburg Christmas market go all the way back to the late 15th century. It is set around the Cathedral of Salzburg. You will see a number of large Christmas trees with hanging garlands and you will enjoy the view of the majestic mountains while strolling through the many stalls. If you go at the right time, you might get to hear the magical bells of the Cathedral chime. The stalls offer freshly baked goods, drinks, and unique gifts. Various other markets are located under historic buildings, where you can stroll while marveling at their architecture. If you are looking for a modern market, visit Mirabell Square. The market is located in the center of the city, and offers delicious food, and keeps a small crowd. The best place for people who enjoy a calmer ambience, as the market is never overly crowded, and you can easily browse in peace.

estimated price

1.400 EUR / 36.000 CZK, 1-3 people

1.900 EUR / 50.000 CZK, 2-5 people

3 hrs of flying, with a night stopover in Zell am See or Salzburg