Air Safari Team

We are a group of passionate travelers who are bonded by the same passion for exploring the world in their own, specific way - from a bird-eye perspective.

Air Safari tells the story of 3 friends, who decided to take their passion for flying and travelling into the business. We saw an opportunity in the specific field of travel industry connected and linked to small planes, where an individual or a small group can create their unique travel experience and live it fully from the very first moment and be part of every single part of it; from planning the trip, pre-departure procedures at the airport, meeting your pilot and co-traveller, the flight itself, sharing the precious moments during the trip and on your way back.

We aim to create a life-lasting memories for our clients and help to build this special bond and community that shares our values and vision.

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.” – Lovelle Drachman

Michal Koran


Vaclav Nekvapil


Monika Kovacovska