A Tranquil Northern Italy Retreat

When traveling to Europe, it’s hard to choose where to go. Every Google search leaves you wanting more. Should I visit Eastern Europe? Western Europe? Northern or Southern? Can I somehow manage to see everywhere at once? As a pilot for many years, I have been able to experience some of the most unheard-of cities and countries. With already checked off destinations through a by-foot-tourist bucket list, I started over. My new bucket list of airborne experiences first led me to exploring southern Europe. I was ecstatic for my trip to commence. I was going to hit some of my favorite destinations that always left me in a feeling of awe every which way I looked, but now from a bird’s eye perspective. You will not only be able to indulge in wine country of Tuscany and Northern Italy, but remain astounded by the beauty of the Alps and the Mediterranean as you fly over them.

Departing from Prague early in the morning you will head south. On day one, the flight over the Sumava mountain range itself is remarkable, but even more are the lushness Bohemian meadows and deep river valleys that surround the mountain range. Nearing the end of the flight over Southern Bohemia, you will reach Northern Austria, home to the marvelous Central Alps.

They will truly leave you speechless when flying over glaciers, jagged mountain peaks, and deep blue lakes. As day one was wraps up, a descent toward an airport will land you in a small city in Northern Italy, Trento. Tucked right between Milan and Venice, Trento will surprise you with its cosmopolitan feel and embrace of its historical influence. Feel a whole new level of serenity when you enjoy the rest of the day exploring what Trento has to offer. Whether it be hiking, wine tasting, skiing or cycling, or meandering around the charming old town streets, Trento was a treat. Content with everything experienced so far, you will still be eager for what is to come.

The next day, a departure from Trento will lead to fulfillment of your forever dream, spending a lovely afternoon in Tuscany. Before spending the rest of the day tasting wine in the most stunning area of Tuscany, the Chianti region, you will be captured by a flight over the largest lake in Italy, Lago di Garda. It’s enchanting and transparent water is surrounded by picturesque villages, olive and lemon groves all situated between high mountain, fjords, and glacier hills.

Soon after landing in Siena, become embraced by the breeze and scent of thyme and rosemary. Stroll past vineyards, villages, and charming country homes. And most importantly, you can’t forget to stop at multiple vineyards for wine tastings. You will truly be at your happiest in Chianti.

On the final days of your travels, a short flight from the lovely Chianti region of Tuscany will lead you to a nearby town, Elba, on the western coast of Italy. Elba is most commonly known for its exile of Napoleon, but what is less well known is its secret paradise beaches. It will be easy to dedicate a whole day to exploring the tranquil and picturesque beaches on the coast of the Mediterranean. The ultra-fine sand of Procchio and the dreamy blue water of Fetovia, contribute to the feeling of utter serenity. Add a fine seafaring cuisine, lovely island wines and you will never want to go back to civilization. But there will always be something more to look forward to when you embark on your next luxurious aviation expedition.

Words cannot come to mind to describe this once in a lifetime trip. You will be left feeling extremely overjoyed by the breathtaking views of the Central Alps and surrounding mountain ranges, the quaint countryside of the Chianti region in Tuscany, and finally the slice of paradise found in the western coast of Italy in Elba.